Desensitization Dental Treatment

It’s common for our patients to have teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. We can help reduce discomfort from sensitive teeth using natural methods in our desensitization dental treatment.

Many of us suffer from sensitive teeth, it can be painful or uncomfortable at times. Triggers for sensitive teeth can be hot or cold sensations, ice cream, coffee, cold air and more. It’s a common condition that many patients suffer from.

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More About Hale Wellness Dental Studio Desensitizing Treatments

Our teeth have four layers:

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Cementum
  • Pulp

When the layer of enamel which protects the dentin and the pulp is removed, irritants can reach the tubules and cause sensitivity or nerve irritation. Some of the causes behind this are grinding, clenching, malocclusion, excessive intake of acidic foods or beverages, bulimia, acid reflux, and poor oral hygiene.

Here at Hale Wellness Dental Studio, we can help treat this with a natural approach.

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