Is Holistic Dentistry Right for You?

Holistic dentistry is a term you may have heard elsewhere. What exactly is it, you might ask? Holistic dentistry is a branch of dentistry in which practitioners believe oral health is closely linked with overall health. Although holistic dentistry isn’t always synonymous with the traditional dentist’s methods, it does determine their approach to dentistry. Here are some points to remember about how these specialists practice to help you determine whether or not holistic dentistry is right for you!

Holistic Dentistry Practitioners Do Not Use Toxic Chemicals

Typically, your holistic dentistry practitioner will discourage using silver amalgam fillings and advocate their removal. To treat your cavity, he or she will utilize biocompatible chemicals rather than toxic ones. Many practitioners are also opposed to root canal treatments because they believe the materials used to fill your tooth might be harmful to your body and cause harm.

Some holistic dentistry practitioners may even advise against using fluoride in its ingested form or as toothpaste. They may combine natural therapies with more traditional practices to give you the maximum amount of treatment.

Preventative Care Is Important to Them

Holistic dentistry practitioners will often focus on preventative care rather than that provided by a regular dentist. These specialists understand how many diseases like gum disease and mouth cancer can be avoided. They would encourage you not to smoke, eat healthier meals, and reduce your alcohol consumption for a healthy smile.

Your practioner will almost certainly employ digital x-rays emitting less radiation than conventional x-rays. Herbs and vitamins may also be used to accelerate the healing process rather than pharmaceutical painkillers. Their entire approach is about defending your mouth and body from harm!

All Holistic Dentistry Practitioners Are Not Made Equal

Some practitioners will self-identify as holistic since they refuse to utilize amalgam fillings, which include more than 50% mercury. However, real holistic dentistry practitioners generally have more qualifications and training than just deciding not to use this material.

They have a more substantial understanding of how your oral health affects your body, and are more experienced in using natural materials. Before you choose to employ them, talk to your them about their expertise. For example, you might inquire about how they remove amalgam fillings, how they help patients recover from surgery, and what filling they would suggest for a cavity.

Holistic dentistry practitioners provide more than just treatment for your issues—they strive to prevent problems before they occur and give you the highest natural dental treatment available. If you’re searching for a more holistic way to care for your teeth, holistic dentistry may be what you’ve been looking for. Ask the appropriate questions to ensure that you receive a competent practitioner who can deliver the finest care!


So, is holistic dentistry right for you? Well, if you want a more natural and preventive approach to your dental care, holistic dentistry may be a good fit. Ask your practitioner about their qualifications and training to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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