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Oral Health Is Connected To Whole Body Health

At Hale Wellness Dental Studio, our job is to create the ultimate experience of wellness. We help you understand how your oral health is connected to your overall health by walking you through the process of overall body wellness.

It has long been understood that oral factors can have a link to various diseases, and one must address all components of the body in order to achieve optimal health. The dental world and holistic world to date have existed as separate entities. Hence, Hale Wellness Dental Studio’s goal is to combine both worlds into one, thereby offering a “one-stop-shop” to create optimal health.

Although we are a dental studio, our root is wellness and holistic health. As a patient, you will understand how gingivitis or periodontal disease affects systemic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. We give you the tools to improve your immune system by addressing nutrition, vitamin levels and any factors that suppress your health. We will also be introducing patients to wellness treatments like reflexology, infrared therapy, essential oils and natural products. We do not offer fluoride or chlorhexidine used in conventional dental offices. Instead, we offer natural alternatives with the same outcome.

All our products are of the highest quality and pure in their ingredients while we protect the environment and planet. Our treatments are not offered anywhere else as our concept is the first. This will be the first dental studio where your mouth treatment will correlate to full-body health by providing individualized treatments to achieve ideal and optimal health. One of the unique and in-demand services we will offer is ozone therapy. Its benefits are miraculous.

I believe that wellness and a holistic lifestyle are our future and becoming more prevalent, and many people seek alternatives. Every wellness and the holistic patient will appreciate the complimentary services included during their dental treatments, and those who are inspired will experience a life change.