About Hale Wellness Dental Studio

We are a wellness-based facility. Preventative care is our mantra. Our goal is to provide whole-body health care and treatments. We take pride in guiding patients towards a better understanding of natural health. We are located in the greater Toronto area, we provide natural products and love our planet. We welcome all humans to experience wellness with us.

Hale Wellness Dental Studio intends for every client to have an exceptional experience. Our atmosphere is calm and relaxing with the prevention of disease as our practice focus. Every client is an individual and will receive individualized care. At Hale Wellness Dental Studio we are committed to providing the highest quality of care. Our focus is on prevention and promoting oral health and wellness.

Our mantra will help reduce oral and gum disease and connect you with your overall body health and wellness. Taking a holistic wellness approach to care for our clients enables us to promote excellent treatment outcomes.

Why Hale Wellness Dental Studio?

As a new client, your experience will be client-centred, educational, and motivational.

A comprehensive oral health assessment will be done along with your hygiene care.

We will also have a health-inspired environment to help reduce anxiety and feel calm. We have a variety of natural and fluoride-free products along with complimentary services at its finest.

Why is a comprehensive assessment necessary?

During the comprehensive assessment process we examine not only your teeth and gums, but your overall body health, together we develop an individualized treatment plan to best address your needs. Through nutrition, lifestyle, and holistic health we help guide you. Here at Hale Wellness Dental Studio, we want to help you reach your best overall health.

Sheva Gindil at State of the Art Dental Studio

About Sheva Gindil

Sheva has been in dental hygiene for over 20 years. She works in various specialties, including holistic nutrition, restorative, orthodontics, periodontics, pedodontics, and natural and wellness care. She enjoys educating patients and is passionate about helping people understand the importance of their oral health and wellness, and overall body health. Education is always ongoing for Sheva, especially in health, nutrition and natural care.

Sheva is a holistic nutritionist, a member of IAOMT and she is on her way to becoming a natural practitioner. Sheva has spent a large part of her career treating patients with periodontal disease and preventative care.

She is a true believer in treating the cause before the symptoms and is passionate about clean natural health. Being an experienced practitioner, she loves empowering patients towards the practice of wellness and whole-body health. But the best thing about being a restorative dental hygienist is helping patients meet their individual needs. Sheva has always dreamt of creating a dental anxiety-free environment where patients can be cared for with quality. When not caring for patients, Sheva enjoys cycling, yoga, going to the gym and spending time with her son.