What makes Hale Wellness Dental Studio Different?

Ever since I can remember, dental has pretty much been the same experience. An experience that most people don’t really look forward to.

Having been in dental for over 20 years, I’ve seen dental hygiene evolve in many ways. especially now that patients are beginning to understand the connection of oral health to our overall body health and I’m proud to be a part of this better living.

The years of substandard patient experience is no longer.

Patients are expecting more.

Our everyday living experiences are advancing and still more businesses fall behind, This is what separates Starbucks from a local coffee shop.

Providing a quality and enjoyable experience is what makes your visit exceptional and let’s face it people want exceptional.

Isn’t time you experience this with your dental hygiene?

Dental Anxiety

I believe anxiety can be managed with empathy, understanding and the right environment.

Many patients suffer from dental anxiety, which is usually resulted from a past negative dental experience. This can make it hard for a patient to trust in today’s dental experience, making it hard for the patient to relax and be calm.

What if your dental environment and experiences are transformed? A dental environment where you can mentally and physically relax. A dental environment where you understand your treatment through education, where you can connect and better your health and wellness with enjoyment.

Do you want to join this new world? Make an appointment.


If we look up the definition of the word wellness, we may find; “ the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” This is true, but I ask “what does wellness mean to you?”

For some, wellness is taking a yoga class or being a part of a yoga studio, assessing your nutrition, changing your diet, incorporating healthy supplements into your everyday living, or just mediating 5-10 minutes a day and choosing to surround yourself with good energy.

We all have our way of living wellness, but most importantly wellness is being happy. Happy with who you are. Happy with the lifestyle choices you decide to make. For some, it’s just being happy in the moment. If we can be blessed with this realization, we will achieve our wellness.

Who says you can’t define your wellness? Make your first appointment with us.


When we think of dental does health come to mind? If your physician advises that you need an antibiotic because you have an infection, would you take the antibiotic? Or take the time to think about it? What if we allow ourselves to understand how our oral health is connected to our overall health? Gum disease Is connected to health issues like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and more. With patient education, we can work together to build a better you.

Will you take my hand and join me on this healthy mouth journey?